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The Orchestrator Suite has been designed to support the multi-faceted functions and operations of businesses, organizations and associations. Throughout its design and development, the application has been used by both associations and meeting planners in a variety of settings. Input from many sources (i.e. financial managers, membership managers, CEOs, meeting planners, and others) has given us the opportunity to incorporate the needs of actual users.

The Orchestrator Suite is a solid application that combines the sophistication needed to maximize productivity while offering the client an affordable product that is easy to learn and operate. The superb technical support and special assistance and training that comes with each sale of The Orchestrator Suite makes this an ideal alternative for managing the details of associations.


The finishing touches are currently being incorporated into The Orchestrator Suite. We anticipate the final development/testing phase to be complete by June of 1998.

Suite Components

The following brief overview of The Orchestrator Suite highlights some of the functions available in both the Membership Orchestrator and Meetings Orchestrator modules. The modules have been designed to include most, if not all, of the basic functions needed to manage membership programs and facilitate the details of meetings. We have also included many "extra" features, such as grant/scholarship tracking, function and event tracking, and an executive information system. With The Orchestrator Suite there is no need to purchase additional modules for mail list tracking, committee management, exhibits programs or name badge production. Everything is already included! The Orchestrator Suite also comes ready to interface with today's most popular accounting packages (i.e. Solomon and Great Plains).

Organizations interested in previewing a demo of the application are welcome to contact us by phone, fax, e-mail, or through the use of our online information request form. We will be happy to set up a complete demo at your location.

Membership Orchestrator Module

  • Committee Management including rosters, appointees, terms, positions, duties, goals, and meetings
  • Membership Management including activity tracking, areas of interest, disciplines, automated field updates
  • Executive Information System
  • Mail List Tracking

Meetings Orchestrator Module

  • Registration Wizard
  • Exhibits Management
  • Function Sheets (including tracking of AV, F&B, room setups, staffing, speakers, room assignments, etc.)
  • Speaker Management (including pending, confirmed, abstracts, program assignments)
  • Function and Event Tracking
  • Guest/Spouse Participation
  • Name Badges and Tent Cards

Recommended Minimum Requirements

Workstation Requirements:

  • 32M, Pentium 133 or higher
  • Windows 95 or Windows NT (4.0 or later recommended)
  • MS Access 97
  • MS Office 97 optional (strongly recommended)

Fileserver Resource Requirements:

  • Netware 3x, 4x or Windows NT Server 200Mb of storage

Additional Requirements for Client/Server:

  • MS SQL Server 6.5
  • 64Mb RAM, Pentium Pro with two 4G drives

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